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5 Tips to Saving Money on Furnished Apartments

Are you moving to a new place and wondering where to begin? This usually comes with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. However, settling in a new place has never been easier, thanks to the many furnished apartments available. Nowadays, you will get different apartments, and it is easy to find ones with varying lease periods. You also ease a lot of inconveniences and save money by renting a furnished apartment.

How to save on furnished apartments

  1. Consider a roommate

Do you want to live in a posh place but can’t afford the rates? If moving for a short duration, short-term furnished rentals would be ideal. Also, you can spend less on this if you cost-share the rent. You will only contribute half the amount and will save a considerable amount of money yearly.

  1. Negotiate new terms when renewing your lease

Every landlord wants to maintain good tenants. If you move out, the apartment may remain unoccupied for some time, resulting in a loss to the property owner. Therefore, research on the rent rates in the neighborhood and use the information to negotiate a lower rate.

Promise to look for another place if the landlord won’t consider your plea. If you have been a good tenant, the landlord may regard your request. However, this is easier when dealing with a landlord than with a property management firm.

  1. Pay upfront and get a discount. 

 If you can afford it, pay upfront for the entire lease or at least some months. The landlord will likely give a discount if you have all the money at hand. But this works best when you have adequate cash to cater to this. You don’t want to get into debt.

 The duration of the lease also matters, and an extended lease works best. Landlords want stability, and you can guarantee this by choosing a longer lease. Choose a longer lease period, like a year or more, and the landlord will be willing to negotiate a better rate.

  1. Know when to rent

Winter is one of the best times to search for a furnished apartment. It’s chilly outside, and you will rarely find people moving places. Everyone wants to stay in a warm and cozy place and would prefer to move in summer. This makes it wise to search for an apartment. The apartment can remain unoccupied for a long duration, and the landlord may be willing to lease it at a lower rate.

  1. Forgo your parking space

 Most apartments come with parking spaces for all tenants. If you don’t own a car, you don’t need the space and can give it up for a discount on your rent. This way, the landlord can sell the space to another tenant needing extra packing space.

 Final thoughts

 Furnished apartments are an easy way to settle in your new neighborhood without moving with bulky house furniture. Many apartments are available, and it is easy to get one to match your budget. If you are seeking ways to save on your furnished apartment, consider the above tips and enjoy living in a cozy place for less.

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