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Do You Need Money? Do You Have Gold to Sell?

If you need money, you can always sell gold and get the money you need for an emergency or similar event. However, you shouldn’t just go to any gold buyer in your local area. Find a business that welcomes gold buyers and offers a number of advantages over other businesses.

For example, when reviewing the services of gold buyers, you should check out the amenities offered by each company. You know that you have found a winner if the following services are featured by a company such as Gold Buyers Melbourne in Australia.

  • The prices paid are about two to three times more than other competitors.
  • Diamonds are also purchased at the same place.
  • Gold and silver can be sold in any condition.
  • The company offers a price-beat guarantee.
  • Pawn loans can be obtained for bullion and jewellery.
  • No appointments are needed — simply walk into the facility with what you want to sell.
  • Deal directly with the gold buyer; do not go through a middleman.
  • The weight and purity of gold items are tested in front of the seller.
  • Bona fide cash, not cheques, is paid.

Always Accept Cash

You always have to be on the alert when a company does not want to pay you cash but offers a cheque. You should never accept this type of payment. It usually takes about four days for the money to reach your account if it is processed through a cheque. Also, the transaction can be reversed without warning. Always deal with a gold buying company that pays with cash, offers higher prices, and backs its guarantee.

How Does the Business Assess the Gold?

When a business is committed to buying precious gold jewellery, coins, bullion, and similar items, it should also be equipped with the latest in technology. Gold-testing equipment should be x-ray enhanced or XRF (x-ray fluorescence). This type of equipment can assess the value of your gold jewellery and other items for on-the-spot results so the gold you sell can be valued and stay intact.

In Australia, you need to be over 16 years old to sell gold. You should bring the following forms of ID:

  • A driver’s licence that shows your current address.
  • A key card or passport along with a proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill. A government letter can also be used for the same purpose.

While a legitimate dealer normally prefers to pay for gold with cash, you can still receive a non-negotiable cheque that is made out to you if you prefer. You can also have the money transferred into your bank account regardless of the amount.

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