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Is It Advisable To Use Personal Loan For Dental Surgery?

A visit to a dentist brings in images of pain and expensive treatments. As such, many people are scared of the thought of visiting a dentist. When it comes to dental surgery, people try to avoid the same, owing to the painful treatment procedure and the massive cost of surgery. Many insurance plans also do not cover dental procedures.

If you face issues managing the expensive but needed dental surgery, you are probably not alone. However, it is not wise to postpone a much-needed dental surgery for want of funds, as this could lead to further complications with your teeth and gums. You can consider getting the needed funds through loans. Availing loans would mean you need to manage to pay the EMIs promptly.

A personal loan would be a perfect way to get your dental surgery done. Availing a personal loan for your dental surgery would enable one to have more stress-free visits to the dentist. A personal loan would ensure that you have the needed funds for the treatment at the earliest.

Let us explore what a personal loan is and its benefits. Many people who have to undergo dental surgery are not aware of the benefits of a personal loan. 

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan implies an unsecured loan that can be availed without any need for collateral. With simple personal loan eligibility criteria, one gets to avail of a personal loan for different reasons, including medical expenses, surgery, paying rent, travelling, etc. Most lenders in India provide personal loans at affordable personal loan interest rates. 

Key Benefits of a Personal Loan

  • Unsecured collateral free loan
  • Low personal loan interest rates starting from 10.99%
  • Loans can be availed up to Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Simple online process
  • Hassle-free minimal documentation required
  • Easy personal loan eligibility criteria
  • Flexible loan tenure up to 6 years with flexible repayment options
  • Personal loan EMI calculator available for customising loan terms
  • Pocket-friendly EMIs
  • A good credit score provides better loan terms
  • Quick Loan Processing

Is it advisable then to use a personal loan for dental surgery?

With its numerous benefits, a personal loan would help one take care of their dental surgery in a pocket-friendly manner. Now, with flexible repayment options, a borrower would manage their loan EMI repayments in a timely and affordable manner. A personal loan can be availed for various dental surgical procedures, including jaw and tooth alignment, dental cosmetic treatment, gum surgery, and so on. However, one should note that a good credit score provides better personal loan terms and vice versa. So, if you do not have a good credit score, you may have to pay a higher interest rate depending on your credit history.

Otherwise, a personal loan for medical reasons is a great option compared to other modes of availing credit like credit cards and the like. It comes with instant approval and affordable personal loan interest rates, which makes personal loans for dental surgery a viable option.

With so many benefits from availing of a personal loan, you need not have to postpone the much-needed dental surgery owing to a lack of funds. 


Many lenders like TATA Capital now provide personal loans with tenures ranging between 1 year – 6 years at low-interest rates with flexible EMIs. Availing TATA Capital personal loan would ensure a hassle-free personal loan and dental surgery. For further personal loan details, visit Tata Capital.

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